A little about me

My name is David Chukwuma, and a Solutions Architect concerned with Cloud infrastructures, especially the scalability and migration of software using industry standards and strategies. Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science where I also studied Human-Computer Interaction.

Currently, I apply my extensive experience of User Experience Engineering to products I work on. Welcome to my website.

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Utilizing Space in UI Design

Space is your friend. Software developers tend to optimize things around them and often this applies to the user interfaces they work on. They trim excess…

Freebie: Wheelie Adobe XD Template

This is an e-commerce XD template I made. It contains a landing page, a listing page, and a restaurant page. Also, it's free for commercial and…

Product design? Why?

Intro This is my final semester in graduate school and I have decided to shake things up. I am taking courses in areas that are quite…

The Advice Syndrome

Many times you tell people something going on in your life and an immediate reaction is to give advice. I think this shows care but is…


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