This project involved developing a concept using Augmented Reality(AR). AR was used to enhance the experience of kids and specific toys.  This concept was to be tested on cheap mobile phones in Africa that supported Google AR-Core.

Case Study

We initially proposed a typical business idea, where pointing an app at various contents in a shop gives additional content descriptions in AR. But we wanted to do something more fun. We bought a $2 toy from a toy store in Kigali, Rwanda. The toy was a knockoff lego representation of the famous Ninja turtles.


We asked ourselves how we could use augmented reality to make this toy a bit more fun to play with. We came up with a concept to project an AR model of the toy in real time. Also, we decided to add further interaction by moving the AR projection as the physical toy was moved.

We also thought about how toys like these come with assembly manuals and how those can get easily thrown away. It would be nice to make these manuals useful for things more than assembly. For this idea, a concept paper was designed and scanned into Vuforia as an Image target. This concept paper can could be recognized and then augmented by projections.

In this case, we projected a custom arena and virtual buttons, using free models from SketchFab, which were then tweaked in Cinema 4D and exported to FBX that unity can understand. The arena showed all the individual Ninja Turtles and gave sound feedback when the virtual buttons were clicked.

Final product

An Android and IOS application compiled with Unity that can recognize the Lego toys and augment the toys using projected AR objects.