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Family planning methods were controversial in the world, especially in Nigeria. It was challenging to get anyone to read about family planning methods. Nigeria is a developing country with perceptions different from the usual, so this site had to cater to the Nigerian audience.


To create a trendy web page that made access to family planning information quick and easy to read and understand.

  • Design

    Web design

  • Client


  • Tools

    Moleskin Flow, Figma, Ant Design

  • Role

    Lead UX designer

  • Tags

    Product design, UX Strategy

The Get It Together campaign is the overarching umbrella under which NURHI (Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative) rolled out a series of innovative consumer-focused activities using radio, TV, and community mobilizers to promote modern family planning methods.

The call to action for the Get it Together campaign is its tagline; ‘KNOW the facts about Family Planning,’ ‘TALK about Family Planning,’ and ‘GO for Family Planning.’

I led the web design project and worked on all aspects of the new design system, including its visual, UX, and interaction design.

Curated questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions curated from years of research analysis of the questions commonly asked by people. The answers are provided by industry professionals and are concise and easy to understand.

Pictures + words = ℹ️ 🥰

Pictures speak louder than words… or so they say. Well, we can have words and pictures! This combination makes it easy to see the family planning method and frequently asked questions about the method.

Responsive and Touch friendly

Browse with a finger or a mouse? How about both? The Get It Together website supports touch-friendly tap targets and responsive window handling. That means it’s great for large and little screens (and fingers) alike.

Want to see it in action? Visit the Get It Together website

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